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A) Sure. The holy prophet SAW claimed: ''The a single who imitate any persons`s customs, will be resurrected with that group about the working day of qiyaamah''(Abu Dawood) Had there been birthday in Islam, then sahabas would have celebrated the birthday from the holy prophet Observed. But not a single sahaba did so. Therefore this practice is alien to Islam and reprehensible.

Q) What's the place of the muslim guy who dies without a beard? Will he be punished during the grave? 

A) Not sunnah therefore. But it is cleaner and much more available during the upper pocket. A single sahabi place it on his ears.

one. Forex exchange dealers get foreign currencies in a price and provide exact to clients at a higher cost. That may be, having a gain margin. Virtually very same like other traders who obtain and offer merchandise in a revenue . 

A) It is an element of the star which Allah uses to pelt Individuals jinns and shaitaan who eavesdrop matters pertaining to the longer term.

O Allah! Pardonne mo banne peches et agrandi/etendre mo lacaze et donne moi barakat dans ce qui To wonderful donne moi comme rizq (subsistence). Et lire sa dua` la dans chaque wouzu. 

Q) The Qur'an commands us to respond to a greeting in an even better manner when compared to the a single we get. Kindly give us the proper watch if we are greeted with Assalaamou alaykoum from a non muslim. Really should we reply wa alaykoum Salaam? What when they incorporate wa Rahmatoullahi wa barakaatou at the same time.

A) Really like is really a sickness devoid of nikah. If nikah is impossible, then either you crack with that human being or else you Wait and see right until chances are you'll carry out nikah. But in the meantime, you must stay clear of all communications and Conference with that person.

Q) Lots of people make guides made up of surah yasin/mulk +duas and distribute with the hope that when persons read it is going to reward the marhoom/a. What's your opinion about that? 

A) Extra worthwhile is to provide to muslims. But it is permissible and considered as an excellent deed to provide to lousy non muslims. The holy prophet Observed at the time exhorted the sahabas to contribute on the properly getting of some new people today that arrived Madinah.

Q) Is pardah/niqaab obligatory? What's the standing of a woman who wears pardah? A) Pardah is obligatory in front of non-mahrams. The wives from the Prophet Muhammad (observed) utilized to wear pardah, Therefore a lady who wears pardah is closer on the sunnat of Nabi (saw). Q) I wish lousy for somebody and it seriously took place. Now i would like to repent, what really should i do? A) Give sadaqahs on the identify of that man or woman. And now desire very good for that particular person. Q) I loathe Anyone but for Allah's sake i do no damage any person. I forgot what on earth is enjoy For several years, what really should i do? A) Make salaam to them and try to be well mannered at all times. Else study our short article ‘’les elements de l`amour..’’ on the net to nurture your partnership not less than with your dad and mom and households. Q) Can it be true an individual suffering from an incurable condition is actually a jannati? A) No one can declare any person else or himself as jannati. But you'll find sawaab and recompense for almost any hardship endured throughout sickness. Therefore for individuals who handed away it is better to express that ‘’the deceased was a very good person and may Allah Ta`ala grant him jannatul firdost.’’ Q) Can it be considered zina any time a boy talks or sends sms to girls? A) Indeed, It's a form of zina. Q) Exactly what does Islam say relating to autopsy? A) Undertaking an autopsy, over a human overall body voluntarily, is mutilating that system and forbidden In line with shari’ah. In Abu Dawood, it can be described by our mom Hazrat Aisha (ra) that the Prophet Muhammad (saw) stated:” Breaking the bones of the lifeless particular person is very same like breaking them when he is alive.” But Considering that the regulation exhorts us to conduct autopsy in selected cases, As a result in this case of the involuntary autopsy, we can easily only make read dua which the lifeless person doesn’t experience. Wallahou A’lam. Q) Can a single address Allah as « You »? A) Indeed, with the intention of currently being near to Allah, not disrespectfully.

I shall be grateful if you might present an in depth and concise reply concerning the over concerns to help understanding. 

Q) What bleach is halaal in case It's not highly recommended to remove moustache? Many of the chemical brokers has some coating effect As outlined by my practical experience. 

A) Cigarette smoking cigarette is makrooh, even so the dua of the one that smokes is approved. The etiquette of dua is to wash the mouth prior to making dua. It's sunnah to work with miswak following consuming a thing which has a bad odour. Q) May be the du'a of the poor particular person, whom i gave him dollars, accepted?

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